VOOT 5.66 Patch [XBLA]

It looks like Virtual On Oratorio Tangram is doing well enough to get a patch which adds some really cool features (and hopefully they fix the matchmaking as well as some of their menu issues). Here’s a list (gathered from gamefaqs.com user xneoken):

[*]Spectator mode for Xbox LIVE parties
[*]Shadow and lighting upgrade (3D models remain the same)
[*]Vibration added for Raiden Armor Break, Giant Dordray, Ajim Self-Destruct
[*]Customize Mode added for Fei-Yen Hyper, Cypher Fighter, and Bal series variants
[*]Standard can now use D-Pad, can also rotate now while moving (bugfix)
[*]Fixed how transparent Public Port was not being selected on random select

jp text can be found here.